About the Blog(s)

Simple Thoughts of a Multilingual and Ambidextrous Mind is a blog that covers various subjects; and each subject is written in a different language: English, Português, Español, Français, Română, Italiano.

Check out the “About page” for my 6 blogs:

About The Blog: Let’s Talk Philosophy
Sobre O Blog: Vamos Escrever
Sobre Este Blog: La Vuelta al Mundo
À Propos: Critique d’ art
Despre blog: Bârfa este reconfortantă
Sul Blog: Cucina Vegana

I hope you find something of interest! I am still in the process of learning these 6 languages. In other words, if you could bear with my grammar; especially, when you are reading my posts that are written in another language.

How to navigate: Put mouse over the title at the top of the page, to be prompt to read more posts in that language! Click the title to read the About page of that specific language 🙂

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “About the Blog(s)

    1. Hola! Obrigado por suas palavras e visitar o meu blog. Estou animado para ler o seu post, olhando por cima deles rapidamente, eles parecem ser o que eu gosto de ler .
      Boa leitura !


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